Eliminator® Rechargeable Fire Extinguisher 5lb


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Continental United States
Extinguisher Type:
ABC Dry Chemical (Mono-Ammonium Phosphate)
Ratings & Class:
16 3/4 in
5 45/64 in
Total Unit Weight:
12.2 lb
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(Includes Wall Mount)

The Rusoh® Eliminator® Rechargeable, Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher, easily maintained for its full life-span by its owner, is truly a groundbreaking feat of innovation, engineering and reliability.

The Rusoh® Eliminator® self-service fire extinguisher is more reliable than standard units which are stored under pressure. The Eliminator® is easy to maintain, requiring no third-party service or costs. Owner maintenance is accomplished by simply turning the patented, built-in Rusoh® fluffing wheel located at the bottom of the unit. The fluffing wheel should be used monthly to keep the dry chemical extinguishing agent in an optimal and ready state.

Keeping the dry chemical in a ready state is a key reason service is required for traditional extinguishers. The fine particles naturally compact and become dense over time, potentially making discharge ineffective and putting your family and possessions at risk.

A cartridge-based, non-pressurized design gives reliability and reusability advantages over traditional pressurized units. No need to check the pressure gauge for a leak, because the unit isn't pressurized until you need it.

Twist the anti-tamper lock, push the puncture lever and you are ready to knock down newly forming fires.

(The purpose of a fire extinguisher in your home is to get yourself and loved ones to safety. Call the fire department to fight the fire, once safe. Experts recommend a unit in each part of your home where you or a loved one may need to fight your way to safety.)

The Rusoh® Eliminator® can be recharged in the field in minutes and put back into service instantly. No professional license or certifications are required. Simply follow the recharging instructions and inspect the unit afterward. The Rusoh® Eliminator® Recharging Kit contains all components necessary to successfully recharge and immediately place the extinguisher back into service. (Note: The Recharging Kit is sold separately)

Ergonomically designed for quick deployment by right or left-handed users, the Rusoh® Eliminator® features a valve nozzle that lets you control the flow and direction of powder discharge with one hand. The nozzle design is optimized for a wider dispersion of the containted 5 pounds of extinguishing powder and provides superior suppressing power when compared to traditional nozzle designs.

The unit body is constructed using an ultra-strong and rust-proof polymer. Your extinguisher is backed by an 8-year manufacturer's warranty by Rusoh, Inc., a subsidiary of National Presto Industries, Inc., New York Stock Exchange Trading Symbol: NPK.

This 5 pound model provides generous capacity while reamaining compact enough serve your home, car, office, boat, or RV. The patented Rusoh® Eliminator® Fire Extinguisher is designed and built, in every detail, for reliability and your peace of mind. Protect your Precious Cargo today!

8-year warranty by the manufacturer, Rusoh, Inc., a subsidiary of National Presto Industries, Inc.