What's your Precious Cargo!

Posted by Jay Martin on 3rd Nov 2022

Welcome to Precious Cargo!

My business Partners, Colonel (Ret) John Till, Scotty Salter and I are ecstatic to introduce Americans to the Rusoh® Eliminator® line of fire extinguishers. 

Each Partner and Team Member here at Precious Cargo Company has a personal story of why this venture is more than a business to us. 

We know your life, like ours, is full of Precious Cargo, beyond any monetary value. Our mission is to help you protect your loved ones and quality of life. We're absolutely convinced there is no better product on the market for reliably protecting life and property at home, work, or on the road and water.

Our goal is to spread the word far and wide, for every person in the United States to become fully aware of the risks posed by relying on outdated fire extinguisher design and technology. 

We aren't selling fire extinguishers. We're selling the peace of mind that only comes with the sound knowledge of relying on the best of the best lifesaving products on the market today.

We are committed to delighting each and every customer we interact with. We have the right product and best team imaginable to deliver on our promises. Check out our workhorse fire extinguisher today, the Rusoh® Eliminator® 5LB ABC Fire Extinguisher.

My best,

Jay Martin, Chief of Customer Delight